Do you want to improve your golf swing, but aren't certain how to do it? We can help.

Your body is the No. 1 indicator of your golf swing. The SwingWell Program, offered by Madonna TherapyPlus at Madonna ProActive, gives your body the help it needs for the swing you want.

The program was designed and developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, which has worked with hundreds of golf professionals and amateurs since 2003 to identify how the body physically influences the golf swing and vice versa. Their results show certain movement faults, muscle imbalances and motion restrictions lead to specific swing characteristics that create losses in power, consistency and accuracy, as well as leading to tissue overload, failure and injury.

SwingWell is not a golf lesson. It consists of a specific physical assessment screen developed by the Titleist Performance Institute to detect any physical faults that can influence how you swing the golf club, followed by a customized exercise program to resolve them. A video analysis of your golf swing is also performed.

Darrin Bryant

Darrin Bryant
Physical Therapist

Darrin Bryant is a physical therapist who received his bachelor’s degree of science in biology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and his doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Darrin is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Darrin’s professional interests include orthopedic and sports medicine. Darrin is also a TPI Level 1 Certified Golf and Fitness Expert. Darrin enjoys golfing in his free time. 

It is for any person looking to improve their golf swing (improve distance, improve direction, decrease injury risk).

Golf instructors are vital for teaching technique and I would encourage everyone interested in the game of golf to seek out instruction.  However, it may be a physical issue, and not just a technique issue, that is keeping you from swinging the clubs more effectively. 

The SwingWell Program can help detect and improve these physical limitations that are affecting the quality of your golf swing.

The SwingWell program offers three plans: Eagle, Birdie and Par plans.  Each plan includes an initial 1-hour session consisting of the Titleist Performance Institute physical screen, video analysis of your golf swing and exercise prescription for your personalized program.

The Eagle plan will include two follow-up sessions that are 30 minutes long and are used to progress your program.

The Birdie plan will include one follow-up session that is 30 minutes long.

The Par Plan consists of the one-hour long initial evaluation only.  However, golfers needing more or less instruction to meet their goals may also choose to purchase the initial evaluation or additional follow-ups individually.

Follow-up sessions are typically spaced out over three to six weeks in order for the form changes to take effect.

No.  The Swingwell program is cash-pay only (credit cards are also welcome).

Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your first appointment to fill out basic paperwork. You will need athletic shoes (NOT golf shoes) and clothes for the assessment, as well as, to swing a golf club.  It is also recommended you bring your own golf club with you (5, 6 or 7 iron).  In order to ensure good video quality, it is recommended that you do not wear black tops with black bottoms.

Golfers from out of town are more than welcome to do the SwingWell Program. The sessions are designed to be spaced out in order for changes to occur over time. Visits can be spaced out for weeks or even months to coincide with your schedule. Those who rarely come to Lincoln can also utilize the initial evaluation without follow-ups. The education and program you get from one session is enough to have a positive impact on the efficiency of your golf swing! If you have concerns about your schedule, please call to discuss possible options.

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