Madonna TherapyPlus

Structured Independence

Program Highlights

Any client receiving outpatient physical or occupational therapy services at any of the Madonna TherapyPlus clinics in Lincoln will have their last scheduled appointments at Madonna ProActive.

After checking into the Madonna TherapyPlus clinic at ProActive  and completing the necessary paperwork, the client will receive a free 30-day exercise pass and meet with a TherapyPlus expert who will orient them to the new environment and develop a continued, personalized exercise plan.

Participants will be able to complete their exercise program in a structured environment at Madonna ProActive with therapists and trainers available to assist as needed. As long as you do not have any medical restrictions, you have complete access to Madonna ProActive as a general member during the 30 days of the Structured Independence Exercise Program.

At the conclusion of the 30-day period, you will complete your final paperwork. It is our hope that you will have improved your functional abilities to the point where you can resume all of your normal activities of daily living in a pain-free and confident manner. At this time, you will also have an opportunity to join ProActive as a regular member.