Madonna TherapyPlus

School Re-Entry

The Adolescent & Children's Rehabilitation Program team works with each child/adolescent to enhance their participation in age appropriate academic pursuits by utilizing the TLC at Madonna. The program is lead by an educational specialist who is a certified teacher with additional rehabilitation training and experience. The child/adolescent is exposed to real-life challenges within the classroom and works with his or her therapy team to overcome any limitations that would prevent them from returning to their community school system.

Students work in small groups on age/grade appropriate activities and receive individualized assistance and instruction from the educational specialist, teacher's aide or therapist. In addition to the work on academics, each child/adolescent is provided with opportunities to develop age-appropriate social skills and communication strategies, explore new ways of navigating the classroom, or to just have fun with peers.

Young adults who are in college and need academic structuring may also participate in the TLC program. In these cases, the educational specialist works with the university department of students with special needs and the therapists work with patients on completion of school assessments on campus to simulate real-life re-entry.