Madonna TherapyPlus


Frequently Asked Questions

Please bring any questionnaires provided by the neuropsychology team with you. It is important that these questionnaires are completed so that your appointment is not delayed. 

Please eat before the appointment, as the evaluation lasts several hours. We may break for lunch and there are several dining options available in the hospital or nearby. You are also welcome to bring snacks. 

Please take your regularly prescribed medications as scheduled. Avoid optional medications that can cause drowsiness, such as pain killers, anti-anxiety and allergy medications. Anyone taking attention medications should check with staff for further instructions. 

Please bring a list of your current medications and dosages. 

Bring your reading glasses or hearing aids. 

Bring a valid photo ID and insurance card. 

Bring any and all questionairres provided by the team, fully completed. 

A report will be sent to your referring physician usually within 2-3 weeks. A follow-up appointment may be scheduled with the neuropsychologist to discuss your strengths and any areas of concern. They will provide individualized guidance and next step care recommendations. To obtain copies of your report, you will need to contact Medical Records or your physician. It is up to the discretion of the neuropsychologist to allow the release of this report without a formal feedback session.

Neuropsychological testing is usually covered by insurance companies for assessments that are medically necessary. Some types of evaluations, such as learning disabilities assessments or court-ordered services, may not be covered. Second opinions may not be covered.

Please note that neuropsychologists will submit billing based upon all of the time involved in conducting the assessment, including information gathering, scoring interpretation of the test, and report writing. Thus, the hours billed will be more than the time that you spend with the neuropsychologist.