Madonna TherapyPlus

Concussion Assessment Clinic

A physiatrist is a physician with extensive training in physical medicine and rehabilitation.  With this assessment, a physiatrist can determine the cause of lingering symptoms, help guide the treatment time and evaluate the need for medications or other interventions as identified. 

Our physical therapists (PTs), who have a strong background in neurological rehabilitation, will evaluate mobility impairments, aerobic deconditioning, balance, and strength needs to help get patients back to daily activities. 

Occupational therapists (OTs) will help to assess cognitive changes and work on activities of daily living, such as cooking, grooming, and driving.  Work re-entry programming may also be indicated if patients experience challenges with resuming occupational duties. 

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can evaluate and treat cognitive-communication impairments, which may include compensatory training.  In addition, they can evaluate swallowing or voice impairments from prolonged intubation. They will also address respiratory strength and coordination. 

Neuropsychologists are experts in mental processes.  They can address deficits in attention, memory, and reasoning as well as other cognitive skills.  They can also assess any mood changes and determine if counseling may be appropriate when coping with the many effects of this disease process. 

Our nursing staff will help pre-screen for additional referral needs or add-on services, while also providing medical support and serving as a coordinator or liaison with our physicians. 

The OP social worker will help to coordinate the team with monthly meetings as well as outreach to payers. The social worker can also provide support and resources to patients and families. 

The respiratory therapy team can provide consultation on residual breathing deficits. Most commonly, they will collaborate with our SLPs on respiratory strength and coordination.

Madonna recognizes that well-being goes beyond physical status. We can provide spiritual support with our compassionate pastoral care team. Whether it is one-on-one interactions or participating in a support group, our experts are here to help you heal. 

While most concussions resolve within a few weeks, sometimes symptoms linger long after the initial injury. Our interdisciplinary team, including neuropsychologists, can help determine an individualized approach for each patient. 

Manual therapy by a physical therapist with specialized training in brain injuries can help patients with lingering pain and other symptoms. 

After a mild traumatic brain injury, some patients have lingering issues with communication, which may include trouble sequencing or following multi-step instructions. Speech language pathologists can help. 

Many of Madonna's occupational therapists have additional training in vision rehabilitation. Double vision, dizziness or other vision struggles can remain after a concussion. OT also helps to address a variety of other cognitive and memory issues that may arise from concussions.