Madonna TherapyPlus

Injury Prevention

Our team of trained physical and occupational therapists provide top quality rehabilitation while focusing on core stabilization and postural re-education along with job-specific task simulation and body mechanics training to address the injury and prevent re-injury down the road.

Physical and occupational therapists evaluate a prospective employee’s physical ability to meet the essential functions required for the  position. Tests are specific to the physical demands of the employee’s job.

Validations completed on-site by a physical or occupational therapist to measure the actual physical demands needed for a specific job to develop post offer screens and use in job descriptions.

DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol screens for pre-employment screening, accidents, random procedures or reasonable cause are offered at multiple service locations.

Over the past couple years, we have seen a steady decline in our recordable injury rate. Madonna has helped us immensely with their services, from the pre-employment screens, ensuring we hire qualified individuals, to the urgent care clinics, who see our injured employees immediately. The health care providers work with us and our employees to get our injured employees back to work, in most cases on the same day. The collaboration between Madonna, the healthcare providers, the injured employee and Sampson Construction is what is driving our injury rates down.

- Casey Lenners
Safety Director, Sampson Construction