Madonna TherapyPlus

Injury Management

Non-life threatening injuries can be treated at multiple urgent care clinics that have partnered with Fit For Work. Each location is open daily with extended hours. Urgent care services include digital X-ray capabilities, and drug screens, comprehensive lab services, laceration repair and fracture services.

Our certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist can perform pre-employment hearing screens to establish a baseline for comparison to future testing and advise employers on their hearing conservation program.

A standardized test, performed by a physical or occupational therapist, for measuring an employee’s overall functional abilities, including, but not limited to, walking, lifting, pulling, pushing, sitting and standing.

Using Functional Job Analysis data, an employee is evaluated using a job-specific test that measures critical job demands. This is typically used when an injured employee is potentially ready to return to work.

An impartial review of an employee’s case by doctors who are not part of their health plan.

Our team of trained physical and occupational therapists provide top quality rehabilitation while focusing on core stabilization and postural re-education along with job-specific task simulation and body mechanics training to address the injury and prevent re-injury down the road.