Have you been exercising regularly and not seeing the results you expected?  If the answer is yes, it’s time to change it up. 

Your body becomes very efficient at doing the same thing day in and day out.  That’s why working and walking around during the workday doesn’t count as exercise.  When you change your exercise or activity, your body is not efficient at the new activity and you burn more calories or work different muscles, giving you a better workout.  That’s why you are sore after shoveling or doing a new activity.

There are many ways you can change up your exercise routine.  If you enjoy walking, you can walk a different route that has some hills, walk farther or faster.   Instead of walking, you can go for a bike ride.  If you lift weights, you can try new lifts or change up the weight, number of reps or sets you do. 

Don’t forget to keep it fun.  Invite a friend to workout or walk with you.  This can help keep you motivated and having fun.

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Before starting a new exercise routine, talk with your health care provider. If an injury is holding you back, Madonna TherapyPlus uses the most advanced techniques and technology to treat a variety of conditions, from minor sprains to complex diagnoses. Click here to learn more