Meet Addie Schieman. While she's got her sights set on making the Paralympics for swimming, she's also hoping to share a very positive message.

"I want to tell the whole world that it’s really not that big of deal to lose an arm because there’s so much better things ahead that you can look forward to," said Addie.

"My name is Addie Schieman. I’m 15 years old and I’m a freshman at Arlington High School."

"This summer I was in a UTV rollover accident. And my arm was severely injured and I was life-flighted to UNMC and my arm had to be amputated." 

"I used to like before the accident, I would’ve like to swim in college, but now I’m looking toward the Paralympics, that’s more of what I’m going for…"

"Improving her flexibility and her strength in her arm so she could get back to swimming competitively. That’s one of her passions in life and I was really happy to be able to help her get back into that," said Mandy Scherer, an occupational therapist for Madonna TherapyPlus Omaha. "My names Mandy Scherer and I am Addie’s occupational therapist. We’ve been working together on helping her improve her independence in so many different areas of her life. Just getting back to every day things, such as tying her shoes,  putting her hair in a ponytail, writing, typing anything under the sun... ”  

"Mandy has taught me to do everything. I’m so thankful for her because I really wouldn’t be here without her.  … she’s really  taught me to strive for what I really want to do." 

"I want to inspire others by just being positive and keeping life on a positive note. I try to embrace new challenges and show others that nothing really can stop me from doing what I want to do all the time.  To, even on the bad days, take a look at all the brighter things in life, not let anything get me down. So I try to just really keep everything on a positive note."

"That’s really what I’ve learned through this whole experience is to value your life and everyone in it."