Isaac and Simon pose with the toys they donated to Madonna TherapyPlus in Omaha.

Isaac De La Guerra is a busy 4-year-old who he loves playing soccer and video games and riding horse, Jewel. He recently completed outpatient therapy with Madonna TherapyPlus in Omaha where he worked with an occupational therapist to gain independence and improve self-cares, along with fine and gross motor skills.

His younger brother, 2-year-old Simon, also sees an outpatient physical therapist each week for head and trunk control and improving his independence with sitting and standing balance and rolling. Mom says the regular visits sparked an idea during a recent inventory of the family’s toy box.

“We were going through some of the Isaac’s toys that he’s outgrown and realized Simon may not get the same enjoyment as his older brother. That’s when we decided to donate the toys to Madonna so that kids receiving therapy here may find joy and motivation during playtime with them,” said Emily De La Guerra, Isaac and Simon’s mom.

The brothers donated a total of 15 gently used toys to Madonna’s Omaha Campus Pediatric Unit. The toys range in age, play-type and skill level. There are push toys for youngsters just learning how to walk, toys that promote cause-effect learning, sensory exploration through lights, sounds and colors along with toys that encourage fine motor skills.

“For children, playing is therapy," said Mandi Weiner, PT, DPT. “We are so grateful to Isaac and Simon for their generous donation of these interactive, fun toys that will get a lot of good use.”

“I’m happy to share my toys so that others can play with them too,” said Isaac.

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