For some, the word exercise has a negative emotion associated with it.  It’s what we do when we are trying to lose weight or do more for our New Year’s resolutions.   We feel it takes up too much time. Gym memberships or equipment can be very expensive. It makes us tired and sometimes sore.

Exercise doesn’t have to be any of those things.  Instead of going to the gym and walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes, think of exercise as fun activities. Take the kids or grandkids to the park or zoo. Go for a bike ride or hike (when it's warm enough). 

Rather than thinking of all the reasons not to exercise, focus on this list of some of the benefits of activity:

  1. Improved cardiovascular health
  2. Improved lung function
  3. Boosted immune system
  4. Increased bone density
  5. Increased energy level
  6. Reduce and maintain healthy body weight
  7. Decreased stress
  8. Improved mood
  9. Improved self body image
  10. Increased strength and mobility
  11. Reduced risk of injury
  12. Quicker healing times if injured

Before you start a new exercise program, check with your health care provider. Madonna TherapyPlus, with three locations in Lincoln and one in Omaha, provides services to help you recover from injuries or serious illness. Click here to learn more